Coordinator / Advertising Manager - Front Royal

Clerical.  Responsibilities include: updating financial records; organizing group conference calls; making agendas and keeping minutes; acting as operator for the company's toll-free number; filing various state and federal forms;  administering payroll related activities; overseeing organization of information for annual audit; database maintenance; entering donations into database; making payments to vendors; organizing the company's involvement in March for Life, various conferences; negotiating advertising terms with various organizations for online advertisements; uploading advertising to web site and all its article pages; invoicing and collecting payments for online advertising; other job duties as assigned.  Special consideration will be given to candidates who have a familiarity with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks. 

Employer:, Inc. (link to company web page included here). For more information and application instructions, please visit the, Inc. CAREERS page referencing this position (link included here).