Tractor Operator - Luray

Operates tractors with attachments to mow road shoulders, slopes, and administrative roads. Operates dump trucks with a gross weight up to 32,000 pounds to unload or spread materials and plow snow.  Applies pesticides/herbicides as necessary.  Operates a bucket truck to assist the park's tree worker. Also required to climb, cut, fall, and/or buck hazardous trees and low hanging limbs.  Assists the park's equipment operators to excavate, grade, remove snow and ice, pull ditches along road ways, cut slopes, cleans rock slides, etc. Loads and/or moves materials from stock piles or pits. Hauls equipment and materials. Lift, carry, and/or move items that weigh 50 to 100 pounds. Salary: $18.08 to $21.10/Per Hour. Application deadline April 20.

Employer/Hiring Agency:  Shenandoah National Park.   For a complete job description including application instructions, visit the USAJOBS page referencing this position (link included here).