Family Service Worker - Woodstock

Will work with Head Start families in Woodstock. Must have knowledge of the community and its resources. The successful candidate must have strong computer skills and have a High School diploma or GED and a VA drivers license. This is a full time position, authorized to work 35 hours per week for 40 weeks per year. This position includes health, dental and life insurance benefits plus 403b retirement. Salary is $10.53 per hour.

Employer: Skyline Community Action Program, Inc.  Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to or contact your local Workforce Job Center and reference position number 188125.


JOB TITLE: Family Service Worker

REPORTS TO: Family Community Partnership Manager


The Family Service Worker provides family support services and promotes parent involvement.

Responsibilities and duties:

1. Organize and advise parent center committee meetings:

b. Orient parents to program/center policies and procedures, annually

c. Assist in providing parent officer training and other parent training

d. Help transport families to PCC/PC meetings as needed

f. Conduct election of officers and committee members annually

h. Notify parents of monthly meetings (approximately 1 week prior and day before)

i. Organize a calendar of monthly parent activity projects and meeting(s)

k. Resolve parent conflicts, upon request

m. Maintain center Parent Involvement/volunteer log

n. Invite representatives from school division to parent meetings

2. Assist supervisor in maintaining recruitment process to ensure enrollment of funded level:

a. Recruit door-to-door in targeted areas to enroll low-income/disabled pre-school children

b. Place posters in prominent areas frequented by Head Start parents

c. Organize and participate in enrollment selection process, when requested

d. Assist Family Community Partnership Manager in maintaining center waiting list

e. Assist Family Community Partnership Manager in notifying eligible families of entrance date of children, (as needed)

f. Make home contacts with families of returning children each spring and complete required program paperwork

g. Assist Family Community Partnership Manager in maintaining full center enrollment at all times

3. Assist parents in assessing their strengths and their needs:

a. Complete parent interest survey with each family, and assist in tallying the results and submits to Family Community Partnership Manager by October 15 of each school year

b. Start Family Partnership Agreement with each family within 45 days of beginning of each school year

c. Develop the family assistance plan and make appropriate referrals, as needed

d. Update goals with family each month

e. Contact former parents to assess transition of child to public school

4. Provide support services to Head Start families:

a. Secure necessary resources required to meet the social services/parent involvement needs of children and their families (on going)

b. Complete referral forms: submits copy to referral agency, and supervisor. Copy of follow-up from agency will be filed in the folder belonging to the child (on going)

c. Maintain a formal system of follow-up of family referrals to community service agencies (on going), including former parents in transition

d. Develop and implement a crisis intervention plan for identified families, (upon request)

e. Assist parents in preparing and presenting their needs and ideas to organizations or agencies in an effective way, upon request

f. Provide each family with an up-to-date information directory of community resources on first home visit, which they have developed and updated annually

5. Assist in the implementation of other aspects of the Social Services/Parent Involvement component:

a. Maintain completed enrollment applications at office prior to children’s arrival in September, and on going

b. Report to Family Community Partnership Manager the status of center enrollment

c. Contact the family after a child has been absent two consecutive days

d. Provide transportation for parents to community, services, workshops, parent meetings, Policy Council

e. Transport sick children, upon request

f. Make a minimum of two scheduled home visits to all parents of currently enrolled children during the operational year

g. Upon request coordinate home visits to Head Start families for central staff

h. Prepare and submit monthly to Supervisor updated information for agency management, including transition activities

i. Maintain family services records for and on Head Start families

j. Maintain a current list of parents serving on Head Start committees and submits to Family Community Partnership Manager by the end of September (on going)

6. Assist in the implementation of all health related services

a. Assist families in making follow-up appointments and provide transportation to these appointments as needed

b. Keep medical records up-to-date and obtains signed releases so Skyline CAP Head Start can get needed records from doctor’s offices, etc.

c. Assist Health Supervisor in making home visits upon requests

7. Assist in the implementation and compiling of the Community Assessment annually.

8. Help maintain a parent information corner in the classroom or FSW office that is welcoming and displays pertinent updated information and parent activity materials

9. Attend meetings/training related to Skyline CAP, Inc and Head Start social services, parent

involvement and self improvement (some meetings/training will be mandatory).

a. Attend Family Service Worker meetings, as scheduled

b. Attend in-service training, conferences, and workshops upon request

c. Meet with Family Community Partnership Manager monthly and upon request

10. Coordinate transitioning activities for children entering or exiting Head Start

a. Work in cooperation with other staff members to transition children and parents in and out of Head Start.

b. Act as liaison between school division & parents in transition

c. Coordinate transition activities to help familiarize the children with the transition


High school diploma or GED;

Experience in working with families;

Current Virginia State drivers license and reliable transportation;

Minimum auto insurance coverage of $100,000 for property damage, $100,000 for bodily injury

lliability per person, and $300,000 for bodily injury liability per occurrence;

Ability to lift a 50-pound child;

At least six months experience in working with a social service agency preferred;

Computer literate;

Free from conviction of child or adult abuse, neglect, molestation or exploitation;

Ability to get the willing cooperation of others to analyze issues correctly and use sound judgment; to understand and address positively the causes and conditions of poverty; to meet deadlines; and to function independently without close supervision;sensitivity to the needs of disadvantaged populations;

A physical, TB screening, criminal record check, and DSS Request for Search of Central Registry are required prior to employment. TB screening must be updated every two years and a physical exam must be updated every fourtwo years;

American Red Cross certification in First Aid and CPR are requirements of the position and will be provided to employee during probationary period and as required to keep current certification.

Understand and agree to abide by the Head Start program’s standards of conduct, which includes the following:

a. Staff will respect and promote the unique identity of each child and family and refrain from stereotyping on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability;

b. Staff will follow program confidentiality policies concerning information about children, families and other staff members;

c. No child will be left alone or unsupervised while under our care; and

d. Staff will use positive methods of child guidance and will not engage in corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, or humiliation. In addition, they will not employ methods of discipline involving isolation, the use of food as punishment or reward, or denial of basic needs.